About NovelScribe

NovelScribe (or novelscribe) is an archive of links of books by self-published and small press authors organized in neat, searchable categories so interested readers can locate them easily.

Our aim is to provide a free and simple avenue for self-published and small press authors to promote their work as much as they'd like, and for readers to have more control over their search for books. We are not giving away anyone's book for free, we do not own the rights of these books, nor are we selling books. We are simply listing links to where they can be purchased.

We are aware of how difficult it is for self-published and small press authors to get recognized and be appreciated when they are forced to compete against other big-name and published authors. Therefore, at novelscribe, we hope to provide a safe-zone. A place where every author is on equal footing, and can talk at length about their work without feeling ashamed or being told it isn't allowed. A place where every reader can quickly locate the book of their choice, whether by category, genre or price, and purchase it. If this sounds like the place for you, then we heartily encourage you to pull up a chair, put up your feet and thoroughly enjoy your stay.

- NovelScribe Team