Flight To Exile by Chris Reher

Fantasy / Action & Adventure

“Wasn’t no harbor rabble,” the mercenary said. “Costly gear on them both. Talking like no one around here. Not the sort you see moving about Phrar. But they weren’t just foreigners.” The witness paused for effect, clearly enjoying the drama of the moment. “Magic users, both of them.”

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Guess This is a simple word game. Each question is derived from a passage in the book on the left, and there is a corresponding answer which you must try and guess. To make a guess, simply type it in the box and hit the 'Guess!' button (you can also use the 'Enter' or 'Return' key on your keyboard to submit your answer). If your guess is incorrect, the game lets you know. And if it's right it tells you so, as well as saves your total number of guesses.

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