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Heart of a Caddie

Ric K. Hill


In this humorous fictional tale, golf journalist Ty Ryder interviews Dink Cooper, a feisty 108-year-old former caddie.

Dink expounds upon his interactions with top personalities of the game's golden era, including iconic players Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Sam Snead, and Ben Hogan. He also lends insight into numerous technological innovations that have shaped the face of today's game. But the real heart of the caddie is revealed in Dink's interpersonal relationship with Ty as both ex-looper and reporter struggle with modern-day problems.

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$3.99 • E-book • Fiction • Sports • Humor • General • English

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ISBN #: 9781542739306

Author Information

RIC K. HILL is the author of "Heart of a Caddie," "Slice of Heaven," "Rub of the Green," "Bogey Train," "Last Mulligan," "The Right Side of the Fairway," "Dust Bowl Justice," "The Diamond Traitor," and "Lotto: Blood Money." In addition to writing, Ric's interests include golf, gardening (with a focus on rare and unusual tropical plants), painting, camping, and reading. He is currently working on another golf book.