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The Diamond Traitor

Ric K. Hill


The rare red diamond known as the "Heart of Brazil" bleeds more than its deep crimson color.

Diamond Trader Rich Mooney's obsession knows no bounds. His relentless desire to possess the most valuable gem ever discovered leaves a trail of tears from Brazil to San Diego. When a trusted employee absconds with the priceless stone, the ruthless diamantaire will stop at nothing to recover it.

After the hot rock's disappearance leads to homicide, Detective Michael Sullivan assumes responsibility for solving the crime. As he delves into the investigation, the case becomes personal.

Also available in paperback.

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$3.99 • E-book • Fiction • Thriller • Suspense • General • English

thriller suspense detective mystery crime police homicide diamond heist humorous

ISBN #: 9781539427056

Author Information

RIC K. HILL is the author of "Heart of a Caddie," "Slice of Heaven," "Rub of the Green," "Bogey Train," "Last Mulligan," "The Right Side of the Fairway," "Dust Bowl Justice," "The Diamond Traitor," and "Lotto: Blood Money." In addition to writing, Ric's interests include golf, gardening (with a focus on rare and unusual tropical plants), painting, camping, and reading. He is currently working on another golf book.