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Rub of the Green

Ric K. Hill


Bo Benson sacrificed a promising golf career in order to help his family manage rustic Chicken Ranch Golf Course.

After his father dies unexpectedly, he and brother Jess inherit the debt-ridden operation. Six years into a relentless drought that has decimated their course, they face a daunting decision: sell the property below value or hold on to their heritage despite the likelihood of imminent foreclosure.

Complications arise when a wealthy businessman inserts himself into their lives. The lure of big money causes an insurmountable rift between the siblings as they consider the mendacious stranger's lucrative offer to acquire their property.

Amidst the turmoil, Bo is presented with an opportunity to revive his dream after a record-setting round on the tour, only to discover there are no guarantees in the game of golf.

With conflicting loyalties, he must weigh financial need, preservation of his family's legacy, and his enduring love for the sport.

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$12.99 • Print • Fiction • Sports • Humor • General • English

golf sports fiction novel humor suspense ric k. hill rub of the green oil book ebook e-book

ISBN #: 9781533646736

Author Information

RIC K. HILL is the author of "Heart of a Caddie," "Slice of Heaven," "Rub of the Green," "Bogey Train," "Last Mulligan," "The Right Side of the Fairway," "Dust Bowl Justice," "The Diamond Traitor," and "Lotto: Blood Money." In addition to writing, Ric's interests include golf, gardening (with a focus on rare and unusual tropical plants), painting, camping, and reading. He is currently working on another golf book.