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Bogey Train

Ric K. Hill


Leave your baggage in Baja...

Carl Hooker and his three eclectic friends journey across the border where they hope to enjoy a fantasy weekend of recreation and relaxation at El Oasis Golf Resort in Baja, Mexico.

Murphy's Law shapes their destiny as a sequence of unfortunate incidents turns the world as they know it on end, transforming the foursome's dream trip into a living nightmare.

But all is not lost as Hooker and his resilient compadres learn valuable life lessons and fundamental principles of golf not taught in any book.

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$3.99 • E-book • Fiction • Sports • Humor • General • English

golf sports fiction novel humor suspense PGA ric k. hill bogey train book ebook e-book travel Mexico

ISBN #: 978-1514371879

Author Information

RIC K. HILL is the author of "Heart of a Caddie," "Slice of Heaven," "Rub of the Green," "Bogey Train," "Last Mulligan," "The Right Side of the Fairway," "Dust Bowl Justice," "The Diamond Traitor," and "Lotto: Blood Money." In addition to writing, Ric's interests include golf, gardening (with a focus on rare and unusual tropical plants), painting, camping, and reading. He is currently working on another golf book.