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A Feast of Famine

David E. Manuel


Famine ravages war-torn, anarchic Bulimia. International humanitarian organizations want to help, but the country’s rival gangs and militias have brought aid to a halt, targeting relief operations with violence and extortion while tens of thousands starve. Resolute action to secure humanitarian operations is needed, and the United States decides to take the lead. Yet good intentions are no match for cynical political calculations, interagency rivalries, bureaucratic ambitions and escalating incompetence. Humanitarian volunteers, diplomats, military personnel and a beleaguered Department of State analyst face one disaster after another in this farcical and tragic story of problems that belie solution.

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$3.00 • E-book • Fiction • Thriller • Suspense • General • English

literary satire Somalia peacekeeping conflict anarchy humanitarian blackhawk marines

ISBN #: 0692319638

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Loosely based on actual events.