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Terminus Shift

Chris Reher


Seth Kada, a deep-cover agent working for the Commonwealth, has tracked a group of rebels to the remote Tayako Orbiter. But before he can seize them, the rebels are captured by a powerful rival faction and spirited away.

Seth manages to re-capture one of the rebels, a subspace navigator named Ciela, and soon realizes that her crew's origin and purpose are far more pivotal than anyone could have suspected.

Caught up in a violent clash between rebel factions, Seth and Ciela's divergent loyalties must be put aside to prevent the destruction of a peaceful civilization - and find her people before their ultimate destiny is realized.

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$3.95 • E-book • Fiction • Science Fiction • Action & Adventure • General • English

science fiction space opera galactic empire adventure rebels space travel

ISBN #: 9780992109035

Series: Targon Tales - Sethran

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