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The Elphame Chronicles - Part 3 - The Winged Unicorn

Adrian Holland


A scintillating epic fantasy …
There are myths and there are legends, but none compare to those of the land of Elphamia...
Fleeing from the Self Appointed One, many settled in The Realm of the Dragons. Initially the subterranean paradise offered an idyllic sanctuary. However, a mystery illness began to strike the Dragons, who lost their ability to fly.
This was very serious, as if they could not breathe fire on the inner sun, then all life within the vast cavern would slowly die. The only solution was to find the Winged Unicorn, whose horn offered the only cure…

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$3.41 • E-book • Fiction • Action & Adventure • Fantasy • General • English

Fantasy epic dragon fairy elves

ISBN #: 978-1-909466-34-0

Series: The Elphame Chronicles

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