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The Elphame Chronicles - Parts 1 and 2 - The Destiny of a King

Adrian Holland


A scintillating epic fantasy …
There are myths and there are legends, but none compare to those of the land of Elphamia...
Part 1 - The Poisoned Sceptre
Long ago, in the age before Men, there was an ancient kingdom known as Elphamia, inhabited by a variety of creatures. Most people have heard of Elves, Faeries, Pixies and Leprechauns, but not many have ever heard of an Elphin Rabbit!
From a time before memory, there was one Elphin Rabbit whose destiny was about to shape the Kingdom…

Part 2 - The Realm of the Dragons
An evil creature known as the Self Appointed One, has a wicked plan to take over the former kingdom of Elphamia.
Nothing can stop him, apart from the one destined to become King, who must seek the help of the Red Dragons. Can he fulfil his destiny, or will the Self Appointed One succeeds in his evil plans...

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$5.05 • E-book • Fiction • Fantasy • Action & Adventure • General • English

Fantasy epic dragon fairy elves

ISBN #: 978-1-909466-28-9

Series: The Elphame Chronicles

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