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Rogue Hunter: Life Force

Kevis Hendrickson


With this exciting third entry, the Rogue Hunter series sheds its skin and gives us an intimate look into the life of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy…


While on the run from her enemies, Zyra goes into hiding on Space Station Phoenix. She comes down with a mysterious illness and seeks the aid of Ryan Grant, the station doctor. Fearing a terminal disease, Zyra turns to Ryan for support but their budding friendship takes an unexpected turn.

As things heat up between Zyra and Ryan, vile gangsters hunt her. Zyra knows she must get off of Phoenix before it is too late. But can she risk leaving without a cure for her illness?

Death haunts her every step and time is running out. As her health worsens, Zyra's uncontrollable desire for Ryan takes her down a dark path of unbridled sensuality that threatens to destroy her very soul.

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$20.00 • Print • Fiction • Science Fiction • Erotica • General • English

life force rogue hunter zyra zanr science fiction space opera genetic engineering mad scientist lust erotic science fiction

ISBN #: 978-1511511216

Series: #3 in Rogue Hunter

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