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God Does Not Roll Dice

Thomas Vazhakunnathu


This book is written in a simple and easy-to-understand language by spiritual-scientist Thomas Vazhakunnathu. It explains the nature and mechanism of life that include the fundamental truths about the Creator, the processes of creation and evolution, the mind-body connection, the inner constitution and the present evolutionary stage of human beings in a Cosmic reference frame, and also how to live in harmony with Nature. This book contains both scientific as well as spiritual truths, seen from a higher perspective in a non dualistic and holistic way. Every attempt has been made to awaken the reader to who he or she really is and to the multidimensional nature of the Universe.

Our environment, including the physical body, reflects our inner state - what we are inwardly, our true and eternal nature. When we renew our mind and transform ourselves, our environment responds to this change automatically because of the immutable principle of cause and effect that governs everything in the Universe including us. The author strongly believes that those who are able to understand the truths explained in this book can live an abundant life and consciously evolve to higher levels of awareness.

The time has come for human beings on planet earth to take responsibility of their own lives, and live in cooperation with other beings and Nature and evolve consciously. This is the only sustainable solution before humanity now, which can save us from the self destructive and unipolar approach to ‘development, and allow us to consciously cooperate with the evolution of the planet to the next level of its existence. It is the sincere hope of the author that the truths expounded in this book will help the reader to understand the nature and mechanism of life and equip him/her for living a peaceful and harmonious life on planet earth and consciously evolve to higher levels of awareness and being.

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ISBN #: 9781301949069