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Lotto: Blood Money

Ric K. Hill


A Gamble She Can’t Afford to Win

Impulsive dropout Len Thompson buys practical-minded Kate Miller a winning lottery ticket worth millions after the two unlikely former friends reunite during a chance encounter at a convenience store.

Obsessed with the illusion that he deserves a share of her newfound wealth, master manipulator Len lures the trusting young woman into his tenacious web of deceit. After the desperate man’s heavy-handed attempts to convince her of his entitlement fail, he decides a softer approach may be more productive.

Len’s new tactic goes according to plan until Kate learns the true magnitude of his greed and depravity. The subsequent rapid disintegration of their tenuous relationship results in a no-win outcome for both predator and prey.

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$12.99 • Print • Fiction • Thriller • Suspense • General • English

thriller suspense money lottery lotto criminal crime murder fiction ric k. hill lotto: blood money millionaire Powerball book ebook e-book

ISBN #: 9781483979045

Author Information

RIC K. HILL is the author of "Heart of a Caddie," "Slice of Heaven," "Rub of the Green," "Bogey Train," "Last Mulligan," "The Right Side of the Fairway," "Dust Bowl Justice," "The Diamond Traitor," and "Lotto: Blood Money." In addition to writing, Ric's interests include golf, gardening (with a focus on rare and unusual tropical plants), painting, camping, and reading. He is currently working on another golf book.