Welcome to NovelScribe’s Best Book Cover Awards!

What is the Best Book Cover Awards (or BBCA for short)?

We’ve constantly heard ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ However, unfortunately, that’s what most of us readers do when we’re on the hunt for our next greatest read. Many authors have become mindful of this and have taken great pains (and deep plunges into their bank accounts) to afford a great book cover that looks both captivating and professional. So, to reward those lovely individuals who provide us with hours of inexpensive entertainment, we have constructed a fun competition where readers get to judge which book cover looks the best.

We have created five genres: Action & Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Paranormal & Supernatural. There will be 15 book covers in each genre for readers to vote on. There will be five winners at the end of the competition: Best Book Cover in Action & Adventure, Best Book Cover in Romance, Best Book Cover in Fantasy, Best Book Cover in Science Fiction, and Best Book Cover in Paranormal & Supernatural. Each winner will receive a fancy schmancy trophy to show off to everyone, and major bragging rights. Judging by the interest of this round, we may or may not have a sixth winner which will allow voters to choose the best of book covers from the five winners.

But that’s not the end of the fun! After the competition is over, each book cover that has won in its genre will receive a random number.  With these five numbers we will play a bingo game. Every other day prior to the announcement of the BBCA winners, we will post up a new bingo card for a free download. You can download one, two, or ALL of the bingo cards if you’d like to increase your chances of winning. The first person to get all five numbers straight across in a line that spells ‘BINGO,’ and who runs screaming to our inbox about it, will win USD $100!

Seriously. Doesn’t this sound like fun? If yes, check out our FAQ to learn more about how to submit your book, and how to play BBCA Bingo!

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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Harriet Steel says:

    To me, the cover for Rex Rising (SF) is the one that would shout ‘stop and buy me’ loudest in a book shop so that’s my number one.

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